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Both national and local government organisations such as health trusts, police authorities, local councils and library services have large amounts of information that is distributed in printed format, on top of this a lot of staff time is used in dealing with queries that could easily be done using web based technologies. As this organisations move toward web based solutions the target audiences, such as the elderly and less privileged social groups, can often be missed due to not having access to modern technology.

CyberD kiosk solutions can be placed in areas where conventional computing solutions could be open to theft, vandalism or where they are simply impracticable.

Much is made of the notion that kiosks can be used to sell products and services by making cash or credit card transactions. Another use of kiosks is e-Customer Relations. This use of kiosks is a perfect way to enhance your customers experience of shopping by highlighting special offers, guiding customers around large stores or malls, as well as offering additional information such as travel times and local information.

The perfect kiosk for this is the Opti-Wall installed at your customer information points as it takes no floor space and is both stylish and practical. When installed with Simple Surf 2 this unit becomes an excellent tool for assisting your customers and driving your sales.

CyberD (UK) have been at the cutting edge of public Internet kiosk technology since 1998. In 1999 CyberD installed their first kiosks in the UK pub & club industry, the most hostile environment for kiosk placement. CyberD kiosks have proved a hit with both operators and users for their simplicity, stability and flexibility. CyberD kiosks and software are perfect for public Internet access, point of sale displays, information points and computer access in harsh environments such as factory floors.

CyberD(UK) combines excellence in hardware design and software development. Hardware is purpose designed to be both elegant and usable. Software is supplied both off the shelf and bespoke. Additional software services cover the development of both client and server applications with an emphasis on usability and security. The symbiosis of these two divisions means you are assured the best in products and services within the kiosk and Internet market place.

Software Solutions

Kiosk Software
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Cyber Cafe Software
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 Simple Surf
Simple Cafe

Telephone +44(0)20 8144 1995 for software details and technical support.

Telephone +44(0)1536 310 291 for hardware details and all sales enquiries.

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Kiosk Hardware Supplies

Kiosk Systems

CyberD(UK) now supply a full range of kiosk shells for use in any environment or application (see Hardware). These kiosks are ideal for indoor, outdoor and harsh environments. The kiosks have a number of options such as touch screen, industrial keyboards, stereo sound and a choice of finishes. These systems have a small foot print and meet all European regulations making them perfect for your public area.

Kiosk Components

CyberD source components for kiosk manufacturers throughout the UK, ensuring that all the components required to assemble high quality robust kiosk systems are used. CyberD offer consultancy and training to kiosk manufacturers in conjunction with product support.

Web Design Services

CyberD(UK).com Ltd offer a complete web design service for any size business or group. Web design covers the development of all back end server software for online form processing, search facilities and creating web pages on the fly to suit your viewer. Our team specialise in the creation of multimedia projects, including original music scores, animation and interactive web pages as well as standard sites.

All CyberD web sites are "cross-browser" and "cross-platform" compliment, they are reliable and stable in their construction ensuring your message and information can be viewed by the largest audience.

For more details about this web service please refer to Services and Internet Services

Organisations using CyberD products include: 

  • Scottish Executive
  • Yahoo! Europe Inc
  • Renault Formula 1 Team
  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • British American Tobacco
  • National Health Service
  • Medway Primary Care Trust
  • Kingston Primary Care Trust
  • Sussex Partnership Trust NHS
  • Camden PCT NHS
  • Southport & Ormsk Primary Care Trust
  • Conway & Denbighshire NHS Trust
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Police Rehabilitation Centre
  • Purbeck District Council
  • West Oxon District Council
  • Wandsworth District Council
  • Cardiff City Council
  • Faber Maunsel
  • The Goldsmiths Company
  • Bristol International Airport
  • ICICI Bank
  • Netmania Ltd
  • Rittal UK Ltd (Friedhelm Loh Group)
  • Search
  • PCS Business Systems

  • Learning & Teaching Scotland
  • University of Arts, London
  • Cambridge University
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Worcester
  • University of Glamorgan
  • Tresham Institute
  • London South Bank University
  • Dudley College
  • Leeds Trinity & All Saints University
  • New College Stamford
  • Dartmoor Community College
  • Learning Grid, Warwick University
  • National Libray of Wales
  • Culturenet Wales
  • Derby Libraries
  • theCentre MK
  • Stena Line
  • Masons & Co., Birmingham
  • Mecure Hotels
  • Novelis
  • eSure Insurance Services
  • Kingspan Panels Ltd
  • Sporting Index
  • TCS John Huxley
  • Mercedes-Benz HPE

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