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Latest CyberD(UK).com Ltd News.

London Borough of Newham Kiosks
December 2011

Healthy Living With Simple Surf 3 and the Cloud
March 2011

Banking on Kiosks
December 2010

On Board Ship Truck Info Points
December 2010

Kiosk Voyager
27th February 2008

New Truck Info Points
27th February 2008

Yahoo! Found Kiosks in the O2 Dome
22nd November 2007

Barclays Banking on Kiosks
29th October 2007

Student Access Kiosks
27th July 2007

Healthy Living With Simple Surf 2
25th April 2007

CyberD Go To KioskCOM
7th November 2006

Shop Online with CyberD
3rd August 2006

Safety Training Kiosk System
21st July 2006

Next Generation Kiosk Gaming System
13th July 2006

CyberD Launch Simple Surf 2
12th July 2006

Wireless Wall Kiosks
12th April 2006

Traffic Kiosks at the Heart of Scotland
9th December 2005

Search for work with kiosks and Cyt-Lox 2005
5th August 2005

New Software Release
Magnetic Swipe Card Keyboard Wedge Emulator

22nd July 2005

Traffic Kiosks at Sea
5th May 2005

University of Glamorgan Installs
New Disability Access Opti-Wall

4th May 2005

Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Installs New Opti-Wall
16th August 2004

RAINing Kiosks!
2nd March 2004

Kiosk Illuminates Plasa
1st October 2003

Kiosk PCs!
24st September 2003

Kiosk Soon to Illuminate Plasa
1st September 2003

A Jewel in the Crowne
12th June 2003

Medical Information Kiosks
12th June 2003

Club AZ Slurp The Net with Opti-Line Desk Top Kiosks
12th June 2003

Going for Gold
12th June 2003

The Quayiosk!
23th August 2002

Match Made In Cyber Heaven
18th July 2002

CyberD & on-IDLE Add Interaction to Rittal Exhibition Stand
27th June 2002

Kiosk Graduates
16th June 2002

Arc-Line's Force Delivery
22nd April 2002

The Universal Information Terminal
11th April 2002

Improve Your "PcCredit" Rating!
4th April 2002

Users Get Networked
4th April 2002

CyberD Create An Illuminating Web Experience!
12th September 2001

Ex-Demonstration Stock Sale.
18th June 2001

Working with Partners.
15th June 2001

New Software Release!
12th June 2001

A pint of lager and access to the internet, please...
18th February 2000

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