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Services built on experience.


CyberD offer IT consultancy services covering a wide range of public Internet access situations. As one of the leading UK based public Internet solution providers CyberD is best placed to provide the information system you require. CyberD have provided consultancy and solutions for public houses, members clubs, hotels, cyber cafés, railway stations, shopping centres, adult education centres and hospital trusts.

Although CyberD produce ready to use software we are able to tailor existing products into bespoke solutions or build solutions around third party products. CyberD's consultancy includes large network and database solutions through to stand alone information points.

Our consultants have backgrounds in IT, leisure trades and local government.

Web Design and CD-ROM's

CyberD are leaders in creating dynamic web experiences geared to promoting your business, organisation or hobby group and understand the issues involved in making this information kiosk friendly.

Our web sites are designed to be generic to all commercially available web browsers and kiosk friendly making them ideal for companies and government agencies wishing to reach the widest possible audience. CyberD understand the importance of your message being accessible to all web users, our target is to always meet your requirement whilst utilising the latest Internet technology.

As an extension to your web site CyberD can produce interactive CD-ROM's incorporating rich multimedia and purpose composed music.


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