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CyberD produce world class kiosk and cyber café systems available off the shelf and as bespoke design.
Simple Surf 3
Simple Cafe

Simple Surf 3

Simple Surf 3 is the latest in kiosk software solutions designed to suit all situations. Simple Surf 3 has a familiar looking user interface and has facilities to make it more suited for users with disabilities. Simple Surf 3 is used by international banking corporations, health authorities and government bodies to provide complete kiosk base information systems. Simple Surf 3 ships with Watchdog 3.1 the latest kiosk uptime monitoring system from CyberD.

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Simple Café

Simple Café is the CyberD cyber café software solution designed to suit almost all situations where access control (paid and unpaid) is required to the PC or internet. Simple Café is a complete content filter, security system preventing access to the operating system and coin controlled environment. Simple Café can be used with Simple Surf to act as content filtering for open access systems or in the home or office to control your users access to the internet.

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Other Software From CyberD

SGP DriversSGP Device Drivers

CyberD produce a range of device drivers for use on Windows XP based kiosk systems. The drivers form a middleware layer between the hardware driver and your applications with communication using Standardized Gaming Protocol (SGP), an XML and TCP/IP based technology developed by CyberD for cross platform rapid integration of peripherals. SGP support is also included as standard in Simple Cafe coin and note acceptance. SGP drivers include drivers for coin mechanisms, note acceptors, barcode readers, magnetic card readers and ticket printers.

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SGP DriversCyberD Bespoke Systems

CyberD produce specialist software for information, gaming, training and other public kiosk systems.

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Kiosk Monitoring and Servicing

CyberD offer an extensive range of support contracts covering both software and hardware products

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