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SimpleSurf 2.0 Award


Magnetic Card Reading Software
Built on experience.

SCR Keyboard Emulator
Retail Price £49.95 + VAT

The SCR Keyboard Emulator allows you to rapidly add magnetic card reading to your kiosk system. Any application that can accept keyboard input can receive magnetic card data using this driver, like all keyboard wedge hardware solutions this software solution sends keyboard input to the top most application. The bonus with this system is that you can use the cost effective and robust Neuron SCR 5 & 7 range of card readers, which can be supplied in both metal and plastic covers for fixing to your kiosk enclosure. This system is also ideal for desktop systems that do not include kiosk enclosures.

The SCR Keyboard Emulator is compatible with both Serial and USB versions of the Neuron SCR 5/7 ranges of swipe card readers.

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